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At the Gastaldi Trauma Institute a team of traumatologists attends to all kinds of pathologies related to the musculoskeletal system. In this way, patients of all ages can have a solution to their various ailments. The specialists are prepared to attend to conditions in: shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot, spine, etc. 

Además, el Instituto cuenta con un especialista en Traumatología y Ortopedia Infantil para atender estas dolencias de los pacientes desde el nacimiento hasta la adolescencia, un período especialmente importante ya que es el momento en el que el cuerpo se forma. Son frecuentes las lesiones traumáticas y diferentes malformaciones o deformaciones.


At the Gastaldi Trauma Institute a team of surgeons specialized in Trauma and Orthopedics are in charge of performing the interventions in the state-of-the-art operating rooms located at the Casa la Salud hospital. 

The surgeons, led by Dr. Enrique Gastaldi Orquin, are in charge of properly restoring the part of the patient’s musculoskeletal system that is injured or altered. In fact, Dr. Gastaldi Orquin is one of the pioneers in Spain in arthroscopy and also has extensive experience in prosthesis.

In these cases, the specialist will explain to the patient the precise instructions to be followed before surgery, on the day of the operation and the days after discharge from hospital.

Sports Medicine

The group of doctors at the Gastaldi Trauma Institute has several specialists in Sports Medicine. This unit is organized to provide solutions to both elite sportsmen and women and people -of all ages- who regularly practice any physical activity. To this end, the Institute has the latest advances in this field, both in prevention and early diagnosis, as well as in the techniques for treating the various injuries suffered. The aim is for patients to achieve an effective and rapid recovery of their physical and psychological condition.

Expert Medicine: Disability Assessment

The Gastaldi Trauma Institute has a unit specialized in Disability Assessment Medicine. In this way, possible injuries and consequences derived from diseases or accidents of patients are evaluated and clinical and expert reports are prepared. The purpose is for the patient to fairly obtain some type of disability or compensation.